Monday, April 14, 2008

America’s Safest Companies Emphasize Safety, Injury Prevention Over All Else

While some companies think that on-the-job injuries are just a cost of doing business – Who would want to work at such a place? – others are committed to keeping their workplaces safe and their employees protected from harm.

Occupational Hazards, a publication about workplace safety, health and prevention, each year recognizes America's Safest Companies.

The most recent winners are:
BWXT Pantex
CH2M Hill
E. J. Ajax and Sons
Kroger Manufacturing
Louisiana-Pacific Corp.
M.B. Herzog Electric Inc.
Parker Drilling Co.
Rea Magnet Wire
Southern Ohio Medical Center
W.W. Grainger

How does a business make the list?
They emphasize safety always and they make it clear to all employees that injury-prevention is the number one goal. In every case, safety is part of the corporate culture. In fact, one of the safe companies follows four tenets: 1) nothing is worth getting injured over; 2) all injuries can be prevented; 3) safety will be managed; and 4) safe behavior is a condition of employment for all employees.

"Some companies still believe that on-the-job injuries and illnesses are a cost of doing business. Our honorees see things quite differently," said Stephen G. Minter, editorial director and publisher of Occupational Hazards. "They understand that work-related injuries and fatalities are a cost – in human and financial terms – that no company should expect to incur!"

"Although we are willing to place safety above the bottom line, the fact is that safety and profitability are not the polar opposites that some companies perceive them to be," says Erick Ajax, vice president, E.J. Ajax & Sons Inc. "E.J. Ajax has outlasted many competitors in a challenging manufacturing environment in part because of a workers’ compensation rate that saves the company more than $1,000 per year per employee in insurance premiums."

Companies such as these, which make safety a priority, save money on workers’ compensation claims and insurance costs. And they also save lives.

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