Friday, April 11, 2008

OSHA Warns Companies to Improve Safety, Reduce Injuries and Illnesses

More than 14,000 businesses nationwide are on notice from the federal government that their workplace injury and illness rates are too high.

The Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health sent warning letters that encouraged companies to take steps to improve safety and health conditions.

"A high injury and illness rate is costly to employees and employers in both personal and financial terms," said Assistant Secretary Edwin G. Foulke. "Our goal is to make them aware of their high injury and illness rates and to get them to focus on eliminating hazards in their workplace. To help them in this regard, OSHA offers free assistance programs to help employers better protect the safety and health of their employees."

According to OSHA surveys, the average U.S. workplace had 2.3 injuries resulting in days away from work, restricted work activity or job transfer (DART) for every 100 full-time employees. But those that received the warning letters had at least 5.4 DART injuries for every 100 workers.

OSHA doesn’t include the names of these companies in its press release on the warning letters.

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