Friday, April 25, 2008

Workers’ Comp Recipients Sometimes First to Go in Layoffs

It’s patently illegal for employers to retaliate against employees who have filed workers’ compensation claims.

But career expert and best-selling author Cynthia Shapiro says companies considering layoffs often target employees who have cost them money or caused an inconvenience.

In fact, that’s number 3 on her list of “danger signs” that employees should consider when trying to figure out if they’ll be among the next round of layoffs.
Are you expensive? Have you cost the company money or created an inconvenience? if you've filed a workers’ compensation claim, reported a sexual harassment issue, made a costly mistake, or went out on maternity or medical leave, you could be at the top of the list when layoffs come calling. Yes, this may be illegal, but it still
happens more often than we'd like to think. Layoffs provide what is often
perceived as a safe opportunity to remove employees who have cost the company
money or inconvenience. Some companies just can't pass up that opportunity.

Shapiro, the author Corporate Confidential: 50 Secrets Your Company Doesn't Want You To Know - And What To Do About Them, gives more tips on predicting a layoff before it happens and preparing yourself in a blog at

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