Friday, June 27, 2008

Injured Workers Aren’t Bilking the System

The bloggers at Compensation Advantage address the issue of workers’ compensation fraud and the long-perpetuated “Myth of the Bad Employee.”

They make the argument that we’ve made before that employees who are collecting workers’ compensation are not “faking it” or “milking the system.” Most importantly, they argue that injured workers aren’t the ones driving up the cost of workers’ compensation insurance. It’s good to hear another perspective on this issue.

The bloggers also argue that employers who make injured workers out to be “villains” may be responsible for longer absences from work.

Harboring feelings that injured employees are the “villains,” the employer focuses on resolving the resulting production issues and has little or no contact with them. The injured workers’ sense of self worth and identity spirals downward and animosity and distrust build. Litigation begins to look like the only available alternative.

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